Arctic activists,

The state of Alaska spent $230 million this year on a lobbying firm that predicts it will win approval of drilling by the end of this session of Congress.  Even with a Democratic victory in November, which is predicted, Congress will likely try to pass drilling in the lame duck session in November and December. 

We need a massive grassroots campaign to stand up against the $230 million in Alaskan oil-industry funded efforts to destroy the last intact Arctic ecosystem left in North America.

I am planning a speaking tour throughout the northeast united states in September and early October by 50 mile per gallon car, then a speaking tour in November throughout the United States and Canada by fuel efficient train.

Please consider scheduling a stop in your home town.  Contact me at or 740-707-4110.

With Democrats likely to sweep Congress in November (though we need to work hard to make sure that happens), we may get a two year break from the constant battle to save the refuge.  But we must make sure it lasts into February of next year, so now is the time to organize events, and get local media as has been so effective in the past.