#88 Election Protection Mar. 27, 2022

This week’s show is rooted in our monumental March 27 Summit in Santa Monica.

On a warm, sunny southern California Day, dozens of local activists gathered to meet and hear brilliant movers and shakers from throughout the nation.  

The program was zoomed to the Progressive Democrats of America and the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition.  Speakers included: 

MIMI KENNEDY, PDA, “Mom” "Dharma and Greg" “Midnight in Paris”
DOLORES HUERTA, Legendary Organizer
ALAN MINSKY, Progressive Dems of America
CHRISTIAN NUNES, Prez, Ntl. Organization. for Women
JOEL SEGAL, Author, Affordable Care Act
MENNA DEMASSIE, Congressional Black Caucus
TATANKA BRICCA, Green California, Amnesty USA
JAN GOODMAN, New Day Pacifica
DAN SHEEHAN, Iran-Contra, Indigenous Right
SARA NELSON, Silkwood, Romero Institute
DOROTHY REIK: Progressive Dems Santa Monica Mtns
JULIE LEVINE, 5G-Free California
Prof. PETER MATHEWS, “Dollar Democracy”
LIBBE HALEVY, Nuclear Hot Seat
LINDE HOUCK, Actors’ Gang
ANKUR PATEL, Progressive
MYLA RESON, KPFK Local Station Board

Convened by Harvey Wasserman, this historic event will live on as a major turning point.  Don’t miss it.