You may have noticed that when you go to, you now have the choice of going to two different “Free Press” websites. One, of course, is us. The other is a national organization that calls itself “The Free Press” and is a “nonpartisan organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates, and to generate policies that will produce a more competitive and public interest-oriented media system with a strong nonprofit and noncommercial sector.” They are currently fighting the FCC media monopoly decisions and they were the group that held the big Media Reform conference November 7-9 in Madison, Wisconsin. They made a deal with our Columbus Free Press to share the homepage of our website for a monthly fee, because more people were finding us than them.

The Free Press website has been receiving a lot of national and international attention this past year. Michael Moore cited Bob Fitrakis’ column on “The end of democracy” on his site in November and many of Bob’s and Harvey Wasserman’s articles often generate attention on, and other progressive news sites.

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