The global economic crisis will push 100 million people into extreme poverty this year. More than 30 poor countries are in now in serious debt distress. This weekend, hundreds of millions of people around the world will Stand Up and Take Action to fight global poverty. More than 116 million people across the globe - people of every creed, every continent, and every class - will gather in their faith communities, schools, and homes to take action in support of the Millennium Development Goals.
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Almost 10 years ago, world leaders committed to a bold roadmap to end global poverty and its root causes - beginning with achieving the Millennium Development Goals which include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, improving maternal health and ensuring environmental sustainability by 2015. We are all coming together at this critical moment because we know that despite the gains we've made, the global economic crisis is threatening our progress.

In the world's most impoverished countries, a hundred million dollars is spent every day paying debt. Can you imagine if this money went toward shelter, education and health care? We know that it is possible, and that's why we need your help to stand up against global poverty today. The Jubilee Act is an exciting bill in the U.S. Congress that will expand debt cancellation to the world's poorest countries in a responsible way that creates a more just global economic system. Without debt cancellation, we will not reach the Millennium Development Goals in time. With so much at stake, it is critical that Congress passes the Jubilee Act.

We know that by passing the Jubilee Act, we can help lift the many countries that have not received life-saving debt cancellation out of poverty. Here's why: The debt costs lives. In the world's most impoverished countries, resources are diverted away from citizens' basic needs - shelter, education, health care - and used to pay debt service to rich countries and institutions.

Debt cancellation costs only cents to the U.S. It would only cost .40 cents per U.S. resident to cancel the debt of up to 24 additional impoverished countries' debts to the U.S., and less than a $1 on top of that to cancel the debts of these countries to the World Bank & IMF. Debt cancellation works. Debt cancellation has already brought increased education, healthcare and vital social services for 26 countries in Africa and Latin America.

It couldn't be clearer - by passing the Jubilee Act, we can make an immediate difference in the world's poorest countries. Our policymakers must know that it is time for global change - time for a global economy that works for all.

It is time to Stand Up and Take Action to break the chains of international debt to fight poverty.