Recent events at Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Oklahoma tornado have brought forth some outlandish conspiracy theories. Alex Jones called the Boston bombings a "false flag" operation without offering a motive beyond the general motive of pushing America farther down the road of "fascism". Jones again weighed in on the Oklahoma tornado , claiming it was an exercise in weather control. Even more outlandish were the people, including Alex Jones, who believed that Sandy Hook never happened , that it was a staged event which would then allow the government to take your guns away.

But not all Conspiracies are created equal, as I have argued before.

Lance DeHaven-Smith's new book "Conspiracy Theory in America" reminds us that "conspiracy theory" is a word that was created by the CIA to push back against speculation about the Kennedy Assassination. The phrase did not exist in the English language lexicon prior to 1964.

The author points out that "most of the criticism directed at conspiracy beliefs is based on sentimentality about America's political leaders and institutions rather than on unbiased reasoning and objective observation". Most authors that criticize conspiracy beliefs "find the ideas offensive". Conspiracy deniers believe that such allegations "constitute outlandish slurs" that "damage the nations reputation".

DeHaven-Smith goes on to state that this thinking results in "blanket dismissals that treat all conspiracy theories as equally ludicrous and insulting", but that "conspiracy beliefs vary widely in terms of their supporting evidence and plausibility". He states that “a common mistake made by conspiracy deniers is to lump together a hodgepodge of speculations about government intrigue, declare them all "conspiracy theories", and then, on the basis of the most improbable claims among them, argue that any and all unsubstantiated suspicions of elite political crimes are far-farfetched fantasies destructive of public trust”.

Speculation into the events like the Boston Marathon bombing is not unwarranted. The CIA is the public face of sixteen spy organizations including the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Navy Intelligence (NI), National Security Agency (NSA) and so on. These “intelligence” agencies engage in covert activities which include false flag operations, assassinations, stolen elections, and the funding of groups who then engage in terrorism . Author deHaven-Smith has coined the term “State Crimes Against Democracy” (SCAD) to displace rather than replace "conspiracy theory". Political assassinations and stolen election therefore fall into the category of State Crimes Against Democracy while events such as the Sandy Hook shootings, the Oklahoma City tornado, and (for now, anyway) the Boston Marathon bombing fall into the category of "conspiracy theory".

With time and extensive historical research, facts come to light that move theory into reality. Despite 50 years of being told by government and media that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F Kennedy, 80 percent of the population finds that conclusion to be untenable, even to the point of being impossible . Some people can point to specific reasons why the Warren Commission is a lie, such as the Magic Bullet , or the lack of ballistic evidence , the lack of a conclusive autopsy , mistaken identification of the rifle , alarming photographic and video evidence and so on. Some people cannot point to a specific reason but know and respect people who have studied SCAD's. In other words, everyone knows a Conspiracy Realist. And very few people believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission.

Len Osanik at Black Op radio is posting 50 short videos...50 reasons for 50 years ...which individually and in total demolish the Warren Commission conclusions.

The researchers who have turned the Kennedy assassination conspiracy “theory” into reality are largely unknown to the public. Many of the early researchers have passed away, including Mae Brussel , Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Maegher , and Penn Jones . Others continue to speak out, publish, and research including James Douglas , Jim DiEugenio , Lisa Pease , Cyril Wecht , Peter Dale Scott , Dr Gary Aguilar , Dr David Mantik , Jefferson Morley , Joan Mellon , John Judge , Robert Groden , Walt Brown and so many others. But how many American's know these names?

As reported here previously , the city of Dallas intends on preventing free speech at the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. The city plans to create a ticketed event in order to close the plaza focusing not on Kennedy's death, but instead avoiding that unpleasant subject. They want to banish the public from Dealey Plaza where it happened so that no one can go there and raise questions. The city has not relented. They have created a "committee" to plan the events for not just the day, but the week of the Kennedy assassination anniversary. The committee includes Dallas socialite Ruth Sharp Altshuler , who is quoted as saying that they Major told her that he didn't want "crazy conspiracy theory" on the Grassy Knoll that day. Nicole Langford, director of the Sixth Floor Museum was quoted as saying that she had applied for a permit for the whole of Dealey Plaza without a planned event in order to be “proactive” on behalf of the Mayor, and that they did not want a "circus, carnival atmosphere or conspiracy theory" that day. Both Alsthler and Langford have stated clearly that the objective is to deny free speech.

Robert Groden was the Staff Photographic Consultant to the House Select Committee on Assassinations and the author of several books on the subject. The Committee investigated until 1978 and issued its final report, and concluded that Kennedy was very likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy . The City of Dallas has prosecuted Bob Groden 81 times to prevent his presence on the Grassy Knoll. The City lost 81 times, and have now conceded Groden's right to free speech.

Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA) has held a moment of silence on the Grassy Knoll for 49 previous years, and plan on doing so again. We will challenge the official narrative in a peaceful, professional and determined way. We believe the Kennedy assassination is a proven State Crime Against Democracy, and no longer can be considered a "conspiracy theory". We will be present in solidarity. Join us in Dallas this November 22nd, 2013.