We can't just think we voted and hope we voted. We have to know we voted. And, under present circumstances, most people have no clue as to whether they voted or not. –Journalist Lynn Landes, in STEALING AMERICA

The most difficult part of making a quilt takes place inside the creator's imagination, before she ever picks up her scissors. Every step is meticulously planned; each thread, scrap, color, design, and texture has a specific role to play in the overall scheme. The skill of the quilter emerges in how well the overall design holds together, and how it connects the disparate elements into a unique and aesthetic whole.

STEALING AMERICA is just such a quilt and Dorothy Fadiman is the master artisan. She pieces together an incredible number of details to give us a stunning new perspective on what has been happening to our elections. What we might have originally thought were random events are, in fact, critical parts of an almost invisible but comprehensive plan to subvert democracy by systematically disenfranchising millions of us voters.

Fadiman herself did not see the larger picture when she first began this project almost four years ago. As she delved deeper in order to create a fuller picture, she ultimately discovered a tableau of interlocking pieces, spanning elections since 1996. Fadiman was under no illusion that elections had ever been squeaky-clean. But what emerged was a multi-pronged, wholly integrated strategy to suppress the vote – including long lines, machine malfunctions, unequal distribution of machines, voter caging, purging of legal voters from election rolls, and more. This was combined with evidence of an insidious trail of computerized electronic fraud on an unprecedented scale. All accompanied by the stunning silence of the corporate media.

Fadiman slips effortlessly between micro and macro, pulling in here for a close-up, then pulling back to give us the broader picture. Snapshots of voters' personal experiences are brilliantly interwoven with testimonies of whistleblowers, professional pollsters and computer experts, against a backdrop of simple yet alarming charts and graphs. When the pieces are stitched together, what appears is the entire compelling story of the theft of our democracy – vote by vote.

The full-court press of the media and the powers-that-be to dismiss and demean legitimate questions about the way our elections are run has led citizens to feel helpless. The patterns had been difficult to discern; seemingly isolated incidents were not reported nationally if at all, and never presented in a coherent way. But now, thanks to Fadiman's artful efforts, we can clearly see what was meant to remain hidden.

Emotions run rampant in this film – there is outrage, anger, disbelief, frustration, angst, sighs and tears. Poignant stories also trigger stark indignation. Indeed, there is much to be upset about. Yet, Fadiman does not leave us in despair. She points to several citizen actions that have beaten back lethargy, corruption, and fierce opposition to bring about change. While she knows people may be frightened by this vision of our country, Fadiman helps us move beyond the fear, and beyond the anger. She points us to an action page at the film's website with suggestions on how we can use that fear and anger as fuel, and move toward action to take our country back.

STEALING AMERICA is a reasoned argument, a cry from the heart, and a call to action. It cannot and should not be ignored.

What People are Saying

STEALING AMERICA kicked off its sixteen-city tour in NYC August 1. Here is feedback from some of those who saw it.

STEALING AMERICA lays out the case that something's deeply wrong with our election system with disturbing clarity. Don't see this film if you want to remain in denial. Our democracy is in trouble … This film will convince you that it's time to wake up, start paying attention, and get involved. – Bob Koehler, syndicated columnist, Tribune Media Services

A real triumph! It's clear and stunning. I went with two of my friends. We were quite moved. Stunned, really. Not wanting to believe it's so. …a deep bow of thanks. – Hathaway Barry

Stealing America: Vote by Vote should be "required viewing" for anyone sincerely interested in election protection – and certainly for anyone inclined to make public statements on the subject! – Joe Libertelli

The corporate AND left/liberal press have almost totally ignored the crucial story of how Bush & Co. has subverted, and continues to subvert, the US voting system, in order first to seize, and then maintain its grip on power. In such a state, there is a desperate need for accurate and forceful statements of the truth. Thank God for those terrific independent films that give us the hard truth – films like David Earnhardt's UNCOUNTED, John W. Ennis' FREE FOR ALL! and Dorothy Fadiman's great STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote. – Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again and Loser Take All

If people knew at a fundamental level what Fadiman shows in her movie, they would be taking to the streets. – Christy Williams

Every American citizen must see STEALING AMERICA. It is your duty to your country, your family, your progeny and yourself. – Charles Michael Couch, former NYC Columnist, Filmmaker, and Activist


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