Cockburn puts together a good collection of articles, generally, but he's been down on Kerry since the beginning, bashing him almost weekly.

I have never been enthusiastic about Kerry, but like Greg Palast says, he's a slap in the face and Bush is a Brick in the head. We need to get behind Kerry. He's no progressive's dream, but he's a thousand times better than Bush.

You and your partner write superbly and I'm always proud to run your articles. I just don't get how progressives can bash their best hope of saving the US. Yes, Kerry is not filling all the categories we'd love to have in an ideal president, but at least he isn't destroying so many others, like Bush is. We all need to pull together, find the good in Kerry, sell it to the nation and then, after he's elected, push him to move left, towards more progressive positions. Before the election we need positive constructive criticism, not bitter bellyaching that demoralizes.

Rob Kall