It seems ironic that some public misconceptions about G-20 protesters have involved the idea that activists are storing human waste to be used against the police and other people. My guess is that the vast majority of the people involved with protesting the G-20 are also intensely and extensively involved in serving their communities, whether it's helping to feed, house, or educate people or some other type of sevice.

Today two young men repeated to me the tale of urine -filled barrels being discovered in Seattle in 2000. He also said people staying at a small tent city in the Hill District had something similar going on during the past few days.

His view of the people at the tent city contrasts with that of the people at the People's Summit who talked about the problems of foreclosures and how domestic and international policies are hurting people. It seems that an element of public sentiment about the G-20 is the idea that people who question and oppose our leaders are pretty much lowlife terrorists and the people who are hurting econi