Congress to Vote on Iraq Funds as early as Monday, December 10! As most members of the Senate and the House are preparing to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace with their loved ones, they are about to vote to fund more death and destruction. In a complete capitulation to Bush and the Republican war machine, Congress is expected to vote on Monday, December 10, to approve continued funding for the occupation of Iraq with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

We're fed up. Though time is short, peace activists are mobilizing to make our voice heard yet again. Choose which works best for you and your district from the following tactics and please, act quickly:

Send an email to your senators and representative that says “Peace is Possible, if you vote NO.” Send a delegation to the offices of your Senators and Representative on Monday--emphatically demand an end to the occupation. Your peaceful visit can be brief, or last long enough for you to read the names of every civilian and soldier killed in Iraq, or it can last until the member of Congress agrees to oppose all funding that is not tied to the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops and contractors. Post a notice of this action here and check here to see if there's an action planned in your district. Flood both your senators and representatives with phone calls through the Capitol Hill switchboard (202-224-3121) with this message: “Vote NO to any funding for the occupation of Iraq that does not require the rapid withdrawal of all U.S. troops and contractors.” Issue a press release or letter to the editor denouncing Congress' capitulation to Bush and demand an end to the occupation. Send it TODAY! Yours in the movement,

Tim Carpenter
PDA National Director