Problem: Raw sewage is a serious health threat, yet the City of Columbus has allowed illegal sewage spills for years.  Instead of fixing the problem, the City has spent our money on risky sewer expansions.  As a result, there have been over 10,000 reported cases of sewer back-ups in Columbus basements over the past five years, exposing our neighbors to diseases like E. coli and Hepatitis C.

Now the City Council is considering a historic sewer rate increase, but hasn't created a long-term plan to make sure we fix our sewer problems.

Solution: The City of Columbus must work with the Sierra Club and other concerned citizens to develop an effective and enforceable sewer investment plan. It 's time for Mayor Coleman and City Council to stop sewage overflows - for our families, for our future.

Action Needed: Please contact Mayor Coleman and the Columbus City Council today and ask them to join with Columbus residents to create a sewer plan that works.

Deadline for responding: Please take action by 30 December 2003.

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