One of the remaining Bush appointees in the Obama administration is the U.S. representative to the International Whaling Commission (IWC). And like the man who appointed him, William Hogarth is wreaking destruction on our planet and its inhabitants.

On February 2, Hogarth submitted a proposal that would lift the international moratorium on whale hunting. Tell President Obama you don't support U.S.-sanctioned killing of wales! >>

Hogarth brokered a proposed deal that would allow Japan to do new "coastal whaling" in exchange for ramping down so-called "scientific" whaling over the next five years.

But a slow decline in one type of whales being killed in exchange for opening a new group for slaughter is not a compromise that's acceptable! Hogarth's proposal puts the threatened coastal Japanese whales at even greater risk. The IWC needs to instead focus its attention on stopping whaling altogether.

Conservationists have worked so hard to ensure that whale populations do not decline from human hunting, since they face so many threats from ship strikes and global warming. It would be a shame to destroy years of conservation work to broker a compromise when what is truly needed is an international enforcement on the ban on whaling.

Urge President Obama to instruct Hogarth that the U.S. does not condone whaling