Columbus, Ohio is hosting a unity of hate groups on the 17th and 18th of Feburary 2007 and we intend to shut them down. Central to organizing this national hate conference is the National Socialist Movement, which is the largest neo-nazi group in the United States according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The NSM have invited other white supremacist organizations to attend, including "Klansmen, Skinheads, National Socialists, Aryan Nations and World Creators". Every one of these groups is associated with a history of violence and brutality against people of color and all people opposed to nazi and fascist power. Some of their membership have endorsed the attacking and/or killing of people at random, lynchings and other acts of violence against people with the intention of enforcing a malevolent world order of white supremacy.

Their History of Violence

Aryan Nations was founded as the political wing of Church of Jesus Christ-Christian in 1974. They quickly took advantage of the church and religious status of the parent organization which drove them into the top ranks of white supremacist organizations. They started by spreading literature to white supremacist prisoners, but soon developed a group known as "the Order" which conducted acts of terror against people, bombing theaters and synagogues and assassinating Alan Berg, a liberal, Jewish radio talk show host in Denver, Colorado on the evening of June 18, 1984 in front of his home as he was exiting his car.

Besides the Order, Aryan Nations members participate in the "Phineas Priesthood" a male exclusive priesthood, which uses Christian identity to justify murder and brutality against transgressors of a white supremacist christian interpretation of god. Starting in 1963 with the murder of civil rights worker Medger Everts, the Phineas Priesthood can be linked to the murder of 11 people involved in interracial relationships, 3 men in a homosexual bookstore, a doctor out of anti-abortion extremism and a Filipino American postal worker in 1999. Besides murder and mass shootings, the priesthood peforms robberies and have committed a number of abortion clinic bombings. All of this is done supposedly without anyone giving orders to the participants, who usually act as loners.

The Klu Klux Klan stand as the United States oldest white supremacist group and though direct links to the original group are few at best to today's white supremacist group, they still accept the history of violence the KKK has imposed on the nation and continue to support. The amount of attacks, murders and bombings this group has imposed is unknown but since the 1950s various factions of the KKK are responsible for at least 15 reported assassinations and bombings, not counting the amount of terror they imposed since their foundation. Today they are a sidenote to the modern expressions of national socialism.

The Creativity Movement, known until 2002 as the Church of the Creator (1973-1996) or World Church of the Creator (1996-2002), it resently lost its name to another religious group of the same name. Though its leader Matt Hale has gone to jail for plotting to kill the judge that forced the group to change its name, they are still responsible for several murders, including Harold Mansfield Jr, an African-American Gulf War veteran and a shooting spree that left 2 dead and 9 wounded. To further expose how heinous they are, one of their members killed their girlfriend and is regarded as a hero among their movement.

Besides these groups there are other small groups, many of them nazi-skinheads. And then there are the organizers, the NSM. The National Socialist Movement has stolen the thunder of other groups preceding them and are perhaps the biggest joke of them all. Wearing the garb of World War II nazis (sometimes called "Hollywood Nazis") they hardly can be taken seriously, but they are by the main stream white supremacists who have swelled their ranks. This increase can be attributed to filling the gap after National Alliance fell into decline following the death of William Pierce and the arrest of their following leader. These nazis are all wanting to rally and organize. They have been beaten off the streets many times and yet they still hope they can take the streets without community resistance.

These attitudes should not be allowed to organize in any community. We are asking for solidarity from all people opposed to racism and fascism to come to Columbus, Ohio and shut down this "unity" conference and ensure that these nazis aren't given any any ground for furthering their ideology of racial hatred. They cannot be given ground to organize. Their history of violence can only be stopped by confrontation.

Details will be released the week of the event. Please email: for directions or housing arrangements.


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