The Franklin County Republican Party hosted the first-ever Swing State Straw Poll at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University. The straw poll provided Ohio Republicans with an opportunity to have their voice heard in the early stage of an increasingly competitive GOP presidential nominating process. Voters in the straw poll contributed $25 to participate, listened to messages from all campaigns, and then voted for a single preference.

"Again, it looks as though the presidential race will be all about Ohio, probably Central Ohio in particular," said Franklin County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Doug Preisse.

"Our national party needs to know what Republican activists in this area are thinking about the GOP nominee," observed Franklin County Republican Central Committee Chairman Brad Sinnott.

The results of the straw poll, with 428 ballots cast, are:

Ron Paul 53.50%
Herman Cain 25.47%
Mitt Romney 8.88%
Newt Gingrich 5.37%
Rick Perry 2.80%
Jon Huntsman 2.10%
Rick Santorum .93%
Michele Bachmann .47%
Write-In .47%