GREE-GREE # 153 begins with the great WENDI LEDERMAN’s harrowing accounts of gathering signatures for Florida’s pro-choice referendum.  

You can’t hear these stories without worrying for the lives of those pounding the pavement for what’s left of our democracy.

RUTH STRAUSS and JUSTIN LEBLANC join in the dialog on this incredibly important life/death isue.

Ohio’s RACHEL COYLE explains the astounding “you can’t make this stuff up” madness that’s overtaken the Buckeye State on the issues of abortion, pot, democracy and more.

At a key moment she connects with the great RAY MCCLENDON, hopefully leading to more grassroots democracy in the swing state heartland.

STEVE CARUSO and SANDY BOLZENIUS also report in from Columbus with the latest mich-a-gass.

Wendi then reports again, this time about the hideous Cop City project in Atlanta with a terrible fascistic crack-down on the basic rights of pro-democracy protestors.

In our second hour we leap into the nuclear power issue and the desperate need to shut the Diablo Canyon reactors and all others throughout the world.

The great KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear joins LINDA SEELEY of the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace ( to discuss the strategies of fighting sick atomic reactors in Michigan and California.

We also hear from DONNA GILMORE, TORGEN JOHNSON, TATANKA BRICCA,  JIM HEDDLE, MARY BETH BRANGAN, JENNIFER TANNER, ROBERT FREEHLING, KARL GROSSMAN, PAT MARIDA , MYLA RESON and more help us navigate the absolutely essential path to making our state and world post-nuclear.