Struggle: a Documentary set primarily in Ohio examines several conditions that lead to George W. Bush's victory in the 2004 Presidential election. This film places the audience right in the action with a unique "street level" perspective on the struggle to Protest Publicly or Vote Democratic in this American Society. Come see it at the Free Press Second Saturday Salon, Oct. 11.

The Producers of Struggle Struggle the Movie will be releasing segments of the film over the next month up until the eve of the 2008 Election. This film is a critical observation of an Electoral System in chaos which has produced subsequent fraudulent elections of President George W. Bush, and threatens to deliver another fraudulent result in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Struggle is the most recent "Street Level" Documentary from Mental-Rev Productions, directed by Roger Hill and in association with The Free Press

Please view the first 4 installments on our website at Struggle the Movie and take the opportunity to forward this important documentary through your connections, post clips on your website and help us raise visibility during this critical period in our nation's history.

Introduction: Intro
Part 1, Command and Control: Command and Control
Part 2, Suppressing the Vote: Suppressing the Vote
Part 3, The Door Closes: The Door Closes

The finished film will be available on our website in it's entirety shortly, new segments to be added to Struggle the Movie weekly. Sincerely, Roger Hill Director: Struggle Founder: Mental-Rev Productions Available for Interviews and Questions Roger Hill, Phone: (740) 707 - 6611