The stupidity of Obama's sanctioned attack on Syria Bob Sheak

Obama appears to be sinking deeper into his war- making plan on Syria. He has probably gone too far to reverse the momentum toward a military strike for which he and his administration are most responsible. But many in Congress seem eager to jump on the bandwagon. Obama worries about his credibility and the credibility of the nation's military might and power to intimidate.

But a diplomatic option is right there, right now, within talking distance, at the G-20 meeting taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia. The US and Russia are the key actors in the terrible Syrian "civil war." They each have important allies - proxies - in the Middle East Region. What could they do? They could influence their respective allies to stop the flow of weapons into Syria. For example, Russia could stops arming Assad. The US could use its considerable influence to stop Saudi Arabia and Qatar from sending arms to its favored "rebel" groups.

Russia and the US could initiate a peace process starting with the UN Security Council and/or an international coalition for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. This is not pie-in-the-sky baloney. In the meantime, a massive international aid effort for Syria could be mounted.

It's doable in a rational context. But Obama is not there. And, if you read Amy Goodman's article in The Athens News on Monday, September 9, Obama seems more concerned (miffed) about the Russian government granting Edward Snowden a temporary sanctuary than about this mind-boggling "war" in Syria. How absolutely petty. Looney Tunes. And frightening.