I am writing to express my support for the Department of Health and Human Services’ birth control mandate and the Affordable Care Act. Recently across the nation and in Ohio, there have been many efforts to limit women’s access to birth control. Birth control is more than a sex issue: it is also a health issue. Women do not only take birth control for the purpose of preventing pregnancy, but also to help with endometriosis, severe cramps, heavy and debilitating periods, extremely irregular periods, ovarian cysts, and a number of other conditions. Birth control is a necessity for many women. To oppose birth control without copays is to oppose women’s access to healthcare. Within religious institutions, women still need birth control for conditions previously listed. Franciscan University’s decision to eliminate their health insurance in order to avoid birth control coverage is an attack not just on women, but now all of their students. Although many students will still be covered under their parents’ health care, a large number will not be—those with unemployed or disabled parents will not have such a benefit. Independent students will have to go elsewhere to acquire health care. This policy will be very problematic for low-income students due to an unnecessary attack on women’s health. It’s important that all people think about the real effects of opposing this mandate and stand with women in defense of it.