As the month of March unfolds we find ourselves looking forward to the many changes of spring. We witness warmer weather and disappearing snow drifts, spring break and the break out of shorts and sandals. Unfortunately for many Ohioans, there is one change that we are not seeing. Dog auctions, a spectacle banned in many states, continue to take place. Dog auctions function to trade breeding stock between puppy millers and act as a means for millers to dump unprofitable pups and females. These auctions take place every month in Farmerstown Ohio, drawing shady breeders from across the nation. The next Ohio dog auction is set for March 27th and expects over 300 dogs to be bartered off.

Ohio’s lax laws in animal protection are now garnering nationwide attention, evident in last months’ inspections by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The HSUS flunked Ohio last month for its inability to protect animals from abuse, ranking Ohio among the 10 worst states in America. Luckily, volunteers from the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions are attempting to change things in Ohio. By stopping Ohio dog auctions volunteers feel that they will be able to curve the disturbing growth in puppy mills, and keep convicted animal abusers from flocking to the state. The non-profit group is working to gather 120,700 signatures by December 1st to place the Ohio Dog Auctions Act on the 2011 ballot, and is hosting town hall meetings across the state. Franklin County will be hosting its meeting on March 13th at 9:30 AM at the Capitol Area Humane Society to discuss the campaign. Information about the initiative can be found at
Ban Ohio Dog Auctions