As sure as death & taxes, the Trump Party means to steal today’s election.   From Florida 2000 to Ohio 2004 to Wisconsin/Michigan/Pennsylvania/North Carolina/Florida 2016, we’ve seen it all before.  Here are some Red Flags:

    X  Gerrymandering:  In 2010, with virtually no opposition from the corporate Democrats, a dirty trickster team of Koch-funded Republicans grabbed the re-districting process.  They drew “RedMaps” for the US House and state legislatures guaranteeing Trumpist majorities where Democrats cast far more votes.  This year’s maps are still absurd, with little hope for change until 2020.   X  Secretaries of State running elections in which they’re running:   In Georgia and Kansas, White Supremacist Secretaries of State (Brian Kemp and Kris Kobach) run the elections in which they’re running for governor.  Ohio’s Secretary of State (Jon Husted) has a very long record of registration stripping and is running for Lieutenant Governor.  Would they cheat?   X  Stripped voter rolls:  Non-millionaires throughout the US have been stripped from registration books on the basis of race, gender, income and suspected party preference.  Thousands of citizens coming to the polls are being told they’re not on the list is the surest sign.  Without massive push-back, the provisional ballots they are given will end up in the trash.     X  Rejected photo ID:  Requiring photo ID is a major means of disenfranchisement.  Millions of Americans don’t have photo ID and can’t get it, which exactly how Trump wants it.   X  Rejected addresses:  Indigenous reservations often do not have street addresses, but North Dakota is using that to disenfranchise voters.     X  Mis-Direction:  Trumpists love to misguide prospective voters as to where they’re to go to cast their ballots.  The strategy was perfected by GOP Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell in 2004 when his  office directed voters to non-existent precincts and told them to “vote on Wednesday.”   X  Missing precincts:  Trumpists love to make neighborhood precincts disappear, making it harder for non-millionaires to vote.  In largely Hispanic Dodge City, Kansas, the one voting center has been moved out of town, away from a bus line, with no sidewalk access.    X  Missing voting machines:  Trumpists love to make voting machines in non-millionaire precincts disappear so nobody can vote there.     X  Missing paper ballots:  Trumpists love to short-change non-millionaire precincts of paper ballots so nobody can vote there when the machines break down or disappear.     X  Long Lines:  When you see long lines of people waiting to vote, you know the Trumpists have sabotaged the machines, short-changed the paper ballots, etc.   X  Power Outages:  What better way to keep suspected Democrats from voting than by blacking out the precincts?   X  Intimidation:  What better way to keep suspected Democrats from voting than by stacking the precincts with mega-cops ready to pounce?   X  Intimidation2:  What better way to keep suspected Democrats from voting than by accusing them of being ex-felons, even if they aren’t, and even if the laws against ex-felons voting are largely being repealed, or never existed.     X  “Glitched” Vote Counts:  When the polls have closed and the vote count looks like it’s going for a progressive, suddenly there’s a “glitch” and enough votes are found to swing the election.   X  Flipped Vote Counts:  When the outcome in favor of a Trumpist defies all exit polls, hard evidence and common sense.  This is usually done on electronic machines like those in Texas now flipping “party line” votes from Beto to Cruz.  
  X  Miraculous Last-Minute Turn-Arounds:  Wisconsin’s awful Scott Walker lost his last re-election bid but somehow a GOP poll worker miraculously “found” enough votes on her lap top to keep Walker in office.   X  Democrats Refusing to Fight:  In 2000, 2004 and 2016, Al Gore/John Kerry/Hillary Clinton all won their elections but conceded s without a whimper, yielding us Donald Trump.   We know what’s coming.  There are no excuses.   No progressive candidate should concede an even vaguely close race.     And voting will not be enough.  Be a poll worker, a registration monitor, a turnout assistant, a post-election auditor.     NO DEMOCRAT SHOULD CONCEDE.   DON’T LET TRUMP STEAL IT THIS TIME!!