Many years ago, Andrew Herbert Davis, also known as Episkopos Udu Tribble, realized a great truth: people with titles get better seats at the ball park. Although not interested in sports, Andrew took this advice to heart and began collecting letters. Now, when sending out important letters, as important people sometimes must, Andrew finishes his signature sapp epoee rev ulc pop sp ahem. An explanation is necessary. Andrew belongs to a secret sect of devotees known as the Legion of Dynamic Discord. In fact, he is a Pope (Self-Appointed Pope and Poet). An Episkopos is an overseer. In this case, what is being overseen is the Para-Theo-Anametamiskhood of Eris Esoteric (see for more information on the Goddess Eris and how you too can become a Pope). Andrew is also an ordained minister, Reverending for the Universal Life Church O’ Love In_Action. Feel free to make contact for information on weddings, wakes, house cleansings and other ministerial type duties. POP stands for Prince of Parsnips. This makes no sense and was added just for the letters. SP is for Snappy Pappy. Andrew is a father and husband, a real family man. Ahem is the sound of clearing one’s throat. Andrew is, however, most popularly known for fronting the band Mas Bagua. If one were to peruse the pages of the band’s website they would find the following description of a notoriously hard to describe band. “Mas Bagua performs Enhanced Gigantic Psychedelia, a seamless fusion of rock, hip-hop, world beat and post-modern techno. EGP is a dynamic improvisational performance blending contemporary electronica with traditional rhythm section funk. Intricate guitar abstractions and intimate mystical musings make Mas Bagua a constructive current of healing energy guaranteed to raise it up and take it to the next level.” Take it for what it’s worth. Andrew has recorded and released several studio and live albums for Mas Bagua. “Go Where You Go” is the band’s most recent release. Other titles include “PepperJack Cheesus, PepperFlakes Down,” “Genuine Pickabilly Smirkus Hash” and “One Nation Under Goo.” Andrew also recently flew to Dusseldorf, Germany to narrate and record Paul Diffendorfer’s masterpiece “The Misbeliever.” Most of these albums are available on Amazon and at locally owned music houses. 1) Put together your fantasy band, dead or alive. I am a lover of artistic creation. My take on making music follows the same road as my take on making physical art. Music is an expression of the subconscious- perhaps even the soul; the dark reflection of the bright face looking through the silvery glass. That said, the cats on whom I dig each lean heavily upon the expressive angle of music making. On lead guitar, Jerry Garcia. On bass guitar, Roger Waters. Fela Kuti on sax. Ray Manzarek on keys. David Byrne on vocals. Frequent guest appearances would include Joe Zawinul on keys, Maceo Parker on sax, and Rahsaan Roland Kirk on flute, sax, whistle, trumpet, clarinet, alarm clock and hose. 2) What's the best, most exciting concert, music event you've been to? There are times when the Mas Bagua players tune in so clearly to Goddess Radio that I am sent shooting into deep space and orbit gleefully around the Dog Star. Siriusly (sic), this is my highest high. Of course, the Dead with Steve Miller Band at Buckeye Lake was pretty sweet as was Pink Floyd at the “Shoe” when they came around on the Division Bell tour. Really though, I’m a D.I.Y. guy. There is no feeling better than touching down in my sneakers after some very out-there grooves. 3) What the best (or most important) thing about the music scene in Columbus? The enormity of talent recognized or not, found in the many amazing musical artists in Columbus blows me away. As a city, we are a powerhouse of musical greatness. The growing Psychedelic scene here, though, is what really trips my noodle. There are several Psychedelic acts that are fully turning folks on. It can only be evidence of a wider growth in consciousness in general. I believe that, both as individuals and as a collective, we are evolving. This evolution of artistic creation is crucial to stay relevant. We have that in Columbus. Whether or not the mass audience appreciates it, there are folks here in town changing the way we understand art and music. 4) What's the most important issue (political or otherwise) going on in Columbus? Our city, state and nation as a whole have long suffered under the oppressive thumb of corporate ownership. Individual rights have always finished dead last (dead being the key word) in the race to the pursuit of happiness. Our government should be focused on the needs of the people. Instead, our leaders have us bowing to the money gods of Wall Street. And this is nothing new. As most of us know, this country was built on the blood and misery of the common man. That being said, Columbus is in an interesting place right now regarding the arts and corporate ownership. Several years ago, social engineer and artistic genius Darren Grundy published an article on creating a work/live/education space called the New Eden Project. His ideas were given no respect by the powers that be. Interestingly, there is a new movement that has taken his ideas, spun them with big money and thrown them back into the spotlight under false ownership. Increased attention on the benefits of the Arts is always good. But this new deal is just another example of corporations stealing from the individual. Money should not be the defining element of respect in Columbus. We need to give the artists who operate on the grass roots level a seat at the table. They have already earned it. 5) Bob Fitrakis remembers doing experimental radio with you at Victorian's Midnight Cafe several years ago. What are your fondest memories of that experience and are you up for it again? I can tell you, I love Bob Fitrakis. The shows that we did at the old Vic were some of my favorite jam sessions ever. Bob is an incredibly moving speaker when delivering oration to a crowd. But those of us who have been in the intimate settings where he cuts loose and does spoken word poetry are definitely the blessed. Connie Harris hooked me up with Bob on those shows and I totally dug it. I remember one day Rob Jones and I were providing back up grooves and Bob was just so cool laying it out in verse, cutting straight to the heart of truth. Please let me know when we can do this again. I am in for sure! Upcoming Mas Bagua shows: Feb. 14 Howards in Bowling Green, OH. March 8 House party Columbus March 21 O Nell's in Lewis Center March 22 Falls Tavern in Zanesville March 28 Bubs Time Out Tavern Chillicothe March 29 Ole Roadhouse Saloon Lancaster, Ohio May 17 Columbus Psych Fest