Finding the perfect gift for your daughter’s 15th birthday can be astress-inducing experience for some, but for Scott Waugh the decisionwas a no-brainer. He bought studio time for his musically inclined daughter, Heather, so that he could listen to her songs in the car. Ten years and three albums later the adage, father knows best, has never seemed more appropriate The result of Heather’s inaugural studio sessions was an independent Album release called “Impatient Heart.” Two songs from the album were licensed by MTV’s Laguna Beach and Noggin's South of Nowhere and before long Heather’s dad wasn’t the only one listening to her music in the car. Since then, Heather Evans has performed throughout the Mid-west, appeared alongside national artists such as Jennifer Knapp, Sixpence None the Richer, Andrew Belle and more and has written more than 150 songs. In 2008, she released another EP, “For My Generation.” To commemorate the release of her newest record, an eight-song EP produced by Rick May called “Out of the Woods,” Evans performed at Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, with special guests, _Columbus 200_ finalists, Mike Wojniak and the Castros. Throughout her career Evans has also been an advocate for social justice. She’s performed countless benefit shows and has worked hard to bring awareness to human trafficking, an issue that affects as many as 300,000 women and children in the U.S. each year. Evans recent 2013 project "Songs for Healing" is a five song EP written about her personal journey of the emotions and struggles of losing a child. It's raw, emotional and hopeful. You can find Heather Evans music on ITunes, CdBaby and More! FP: Put together your fantasy band, dead or alive. This is a tricky question. I've played with a TON of talented musicians here in Columbus, but being a fantasy band, I should probably recruit some famous musicians too. Electric Guitar- Johnny Buckland from Coldplay; Drums- My producer/friend Rick May who has played with tons of artists like DCTalk & Jennifer Knapp; Bass- My buddy AJ Babcock who used to play and write for House of Heroes; Keys- My buddy Joshua Miller from Fashion Week; Acoustic Guitar- My buddy Jason Turner from Fashion Week; Cello-My buddy Andrew Gordon-Seifert- he played with Mike Wojniak when he was in town; Viola- My buddy Chris Westra from Anderson Cale; Backup Vocals- My buddy Macy Mcpeek. FP: What's the best, most exciting concert, music event you've been to? That's tough! I am such a fan of live music, it's hard to pick "the best," but I got the chance to see Mumford & Sons at the LC this past summer and it was magical. 10,000 people all smushed together singing in a chorus, it was seriously one of my favorite concert experiences. FP: What's the best (or most important) thing about the music scene in Columbus? The best thing about the music scene in Columbus is the support between the musicians. If you really press into the music scene here, you not only find some amazing bands but amazing friends as well. I've gotten lots of opportunities to collaborate with other musicians and it's really a community of us trying to support and help each other. It's not just a cut-throat group that is looking out for "self." My latest release "Out of the Woods" would never have happened if it wasn't for some key people in the music scene here helping me out. FP: What's the most important issue (political or otherwise) going on in Columbus? For me personally, it's the issue of Human Trafficking. It's something happening right under our noses and right next door, literally. I went to a Conference about human trafficking in 2008 & heard stories from two survivors that made me realize I had to DO something! I learned 27 MILLION people are being bought and sold like a commodity for sex, exploitation and labor, even kids! So me and a group of indie film makers (Dan Hoffman, Nick Jones and Brian Phillips from CD101) put together an awareness video for my song "Priceless" and I knew I found my voice and how I could make a difference. Ever since I've been helping local organizations raise awareness and help end human trafficking. My recent video "Sweet Princess" was shot & edited by local video pros at Post House and was featured on CNN's Freedom project page, MTV Exit's page, local news and more. The song pleas for "this nightmare to end" for the many girls caught in sex trafficking. That is my hope and why I do what I do. FP: We understand you have sung for President Barack Obama. How did that come about and what sort of experience was it? My friends at Root Beer Float Productions who shot the music video for my song "Out of the Woods" had a connection to the President's campaign and they needed someone to sing the national anthem when the President was coming into town for a rally. Before I could say no, my mouth said "sure!" It was a fun experience getting to go in the back and see the behind the scenes of the whole production, plus getting VIP seats. I felt legit. When I went up to sing I looked out at the 5,000 or so people, took a deep breath and said "Will you join me in singing the national anthem?... Let's do this." I had a huge smile on my face as the crowd sang along with me. That moment is something I will never forget, not to mention being only a few feet from the President.