Hello from Brookings Hall.

My name is Meredith, and I am one of about 20 Washington University students occupying the admissions office in Brookings. We're determined to continue our sit-in until the chancellor, Mark Wrighton, agrees to negotiate a living wage for all campus employees. Right now anyone directly hired my the school earns a living wage, but subcontracted custodians, groundskeepers, and food service employees start off at $7.50 an hour. This is is a far cry from the $9.79 per hour with full benefits that the St. Louis Board of Aldermen decided was enough to survive. Washington University is not a poor school; we could easily pay our workers adequately if only we considered them more important than plasma screen TVs in the library and other amenities. We need to show Chancellor Wrighton what our priorities are, and we need community support to do so. We hold rallies on the quad outside our window every day at noon and 5 and have started a tent city there as well.
Please come visit whenever you can to show solidarity. It keeps our morale up as we sleep on the floor, go without showers, and chant ourselves hoarse, and it proves to the administration that they cannot simply wait for us to go away. If you are outside of St. Louis but would still like to show solidarity there are other ways of supporting us. There is a list at the end of this email of things you can do. If you know a Washington University Alum, please forward this email to them.
Thank you, Meredith Davis
Student Worker Alliance
Washington University in St. Louis
What You Can Do:
1. Contact Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton and tell him you are in support of a living wage
phone: +1 314 935-5100
fax: +1 314 935-4744

-And if you are in St. Louis we are having rallies at noon and 5pm at the university.
2. Forward This Email and Tell Your Friends
3. Sign the online petition in support of a living wage for Washington University Workers.
You can sign on behalf of yourself or an organization.
On Our Website, follow the Endorsements link on The Left:
There is a direct link to the petition form here: