Ted Stevens has been the primary driver in the futile effort to destroy the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Alaska.  Now, he is under indictment. 

This should come as no surprise to those familiar with the issue, and how brazenly Stevens has spewed lies to destroy the last 5 percent of the North Slope of Alaska, when oil companies already have access to 95 percent of it, as well as most of the Arctic Ocean.  More than the fact that just a tiny amount of oil is under the refuge must have been motivating his lust for destruction, and now we have proof: he was bought off by Big Oil.

In my first personal encounter with Stevens, I had just flown out of the Arctic Refuge in a small bush plane, having stayed with the Gwich'in people, boated down the Porcupine River and then backpacked with a group from North Carolina in the refuge.  Stevens had called a public meeting in Kaktovik where he expected the support of the Inupiat people.  They presented him with a petition of 60 signatures from the village with a population of 212 requesting the protection of the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge as wilderness.

When I tried to take a photo of Stevens, I was ordered not to, even though others were allowed.  When Stevens said Congress had promised him drilling in the refuge, I shook my head, though said nothing.  Stevens stopped talking, and with a group of about 200 ordered me to stop shaking my head.  "If you don't stop shaking your head, I will have you removed from this meeting," the Senator ordered.  Continued at

Find out more and take action online to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at  I would like to share my experiences with Stevens around the continent (traveling by fuel efficient train of course), along with experiences with the Gwich'in people, my witness of the devastation and pollution around Prudhoe Bay and journeys through the Arctic Refuge.