The Local Community Radio Act has sailed through a House subcommittee and passed unanimously at the full committee level. Translation: Congress is super close to passing a bill that would put hundreds of new independent radio stations on the air. But they won’t pass it if we don’t bring the noise. So we need your help, now more than ever. I can give many reasons we need more local, Low Power FM (LPFM) radio stations. What are yours?

What’s Your #1 Reason For Needing More Local Radio? Maybe you hate commercial radio’s repetitive, top 40 playlists. Maybe you crave more information on local political campaigns and issues. Or maybe you’re just ready to become the media. I’ve got my own list of reasons, which you can see in this video. Tell Congress your reasons, too.

Tell Congress Why You Need Local Radio

Your representative needs a little prompting every now and then. So let’s flood their in-boxes with reasons for passing the LPFM bill now. Add your voice. Bring the noise.