Tuesday, September 13th, 2011, 12:30 -3:00 PM - President Obama will be visiting the Fort Hayes Academic High School as part of his trip promoting the American Jobs Act. We'll be there to raise awareness about the tremendous danger that the Keystone XL Pipeline project represents and how it is entirely in Obama's power to end that threat. Many of you are aware of the Tar Sands Action to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline by sitting in at the White House. Several of us from Columbus traveled to DC to tell President Obama to reject the permit that would allow construction of an oil pipeline from Canada to Houston, TX. Those of us who participated in DC were supported by many of you reading this email. Now you have an opportunity to raise awareness of this important issue right here in Columbus.

This is very late notice, but we have learned that President Obama will be in Columbus Tuesday at the Fort Hayes Academic High School. We want to let him know that wherever he travels, those of us who understand the dangers of this pipeline will be there to let him know that he must not cave in to the interests of the oil companies. Obama will decide in November, after the environmental impact statements and Congressional hearings have taken place, whether to allow or reject the proposed pipeline across multiple states and dozens of sensitive ecological environments The decision is Obama's alone, and does not involve Congress. Here is the main event - please adjust your schedule and come if you can!

Location: Near Columbus State Community College, Corner of McCoy Street and Cleveland Ave, Columbus, Ohio. For more information, please contact Alec Johnson at 419-512-4718. You can RSVP on Facebook. It isn't essential, but if you comment and and share the link to this event Facebook with your friends, we can get a sizable crowd and hopefully attract attention from the press as well as Obama. Related note: Bill McKibben of 350.org is the organizer of the Tar Sands Action. He is busy planning next steps in the Climate Change movement after 1250+ individuals were arrested recently at the White House. Get up to speed here and learn about plans to host house party meet-ups nationwide. Another strategy is to visit Obama’s campaign offices – here is an example of one such visit in Seattle. Interested? If so, email Chuck Chuck Lynd and let's plan a similar visit to Obama headquarters office in Columbus.