Anti-choice politics shouldn't trump women's health in Congress. It's unacceptable. Yet that's what happened when the House passed the last-minute Stupak-Pitts amendment to its health-reform bill, which will seriously jeopardize women's access to abortion. We cannot let this attack stand in the Senate. Tell Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to save abortion coverage and ensure that the same ban is not included in the Senate's bill.

This ban would have the effect of denying women the right to use their own personal, private funds to purchase an insurance plan with abortion coverage in the new health system. This is a radical departure from the status quo. Presently, more than 85 percent of private insurance plans cover abortion services.

A vote to ban insurance coverage for abortion in the new system will come down to the wire, so we must call on Majority Leader Reid to stand strong against this attack from the outset.

Stand up for women's access to abortion and sign the petition to Majority Leader Reid today.


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- The team in partnership with NARAL Pro-Choice America