Yesterday, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) introduced a bill to stop the war from escalating into Iran. His bill would prohibit President Bush from spending money for military operations in Iran without the consent of Congress. With Congress already struggling to get us out of the mess in Iraq, the president is edging us closer to war with Iran. We can't risk a repeat. Can you call your senators, Sens. Voinovich and Brown, and tell them to follow Webb's lead and support his bill on Iran?

Senator George Voinovich
Phone: 202-224-3353

Senator Sherrod Brown
Phone: 202-224-2315

Then, please report your call by clicking here:
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When you call, be polite but firm and speak from the heart. You can say something like "I am calling to ask the senator to support Sen. Webb's bill requiring congressional approval for military action in Iran, because..."

The stakes are too high to risk having the mess in Iraq spread to Iran, and that means we need oversight of the president. Dealing with Iran will require strategic diplomacy and working with other countries. As Senator Webb said yesterday:

This presidency has shot from the hip too many times for us to be able to trust it to act on its own. It's not the way the Constitution was designed. We need Congress to be involved in any decision to commence military activities absent an attack from the other side or a direct threat.1

The Pentagon has said it has no plans to attack Iran, but the tension has risen alarmingly in the last few weeks. The U.S. has been positioning military personnel in the region and increasing its threatening rhetoric toward Iran.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid remarked to reporters last Thursday, "There are many out there much smarter than I am who believe the administration is ramping up to have the same thing happen in Iran that happened in Iraq."2 Can

you call your senators now and let them know that Congress should check the president on Iran?

Thanks for all you do,

–Eli, Karin, Marc, Matt and the Political Action Team
Tuesday, March 6th, 2007


1. Webb Introduces Bill Barring Funding For Military Action Against Iran, Fox News, March 5, 2007 Fox News

2. "Sen. Reid favors bill restricting attack on Iran," Washington Post, March 1, 2007 Moveon

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