Ohio friends,
I’m writing to enlist your help. We are closing in on an initial goal in getting cosponsors for S 428, the Cuba “travel for all” bill in the Senate. The authors of the bill (Senator Dorgan, D-ND and Senator Enzi, R-WY) are looking to “go public” with the bill shortly.
As we approach the public announcement, we’d like to get a few more key senators on board. We’ve identified Senator Sherrod Brown as key to this effort. Senator Brown is a new senator, so he doesn’t have a record on Cuba votes in the Senate; but he does have a record from his years in the House of Representatives. And it is a good record, so it should not be a stretch for him to cosponsor this bill. We just haven’t been able to get his attention to sign onto this bill. We need to get the bill, S 428, on his radar screen (or his staff’s radar screens) so that he will sign on before the big public roll-out happens before the April recess. Can you help?

Please call his office this week to request that he cosponsor S 428, the bill to allow U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba . (There is more detail about the bill on our website at .)

Senator Brown’s number is 202.224.2315. If you prefer email, go to his website at
Sherrod Brown's website
and choose “Contact the Senator” from the menu on the top of his home page.

If you call, ask to speak to the foreign policy aide; if that person isn’t available, please leave a message with your request. To cosponsor, staff should call Brian Moran in Senator Dorgan’s office.

S 428 will allow unrestricted travel for U.S. citizens to Cuba . As you know, this policy is out-dated, inhumane, and counterproductive. It has failed; let’s try something new in our relationship with Cuba . And changing Cuba policy will send a signal to all of Latin America that a change has happened in Washington ’s attitude toward the region. If you want help with background on the issue, you can see some talking points here:
Talking Points

Please let me know ( when you have made your call or sent your email so that we can communicate with his office that we know constituents are interested in this issue.

This is the year for us to make big progress on Cuba policy!

Many thanks,

Mavis Anderson
Senior Associate ( Cuba & Venezuela )
Latin America Working Group
T: 202-546-7010 F: 202-543-7647