WOSU TV refuses to play "Locked Out" the new labor documentary by Joan Sekler. Stacia Hentz, program director for WOSU (2400 Olentangy River Road, Columbus 43210) and she said she did take a look at the information about the documentary and she said, "This program would not fit for my market"!

All the labor union activists who tirelessly worked on SB 5 should be outraged! Why is there no market for a movie about labor in Columbus? Perhaps because the movie depicts a successful revolt by laborers in California?

It is a David and Goliath story of how 560 unionized (ILWU) miners in the desert town of Boron, California, stood up to their employer Rio Tinto, a giant multinational mining corporation, and refused to accept wage and benefit cuts in their new contract last year. The company, in revenge, locked out the workers and replaced them with scabs. For almost 4 months the miners and their families organized a massive campaign and finally won a decent contract, and were able to return to work, and most of the scabs were let go. This was a successful struggle against corporate greed.

You can check out a 2 minute trailer and information on my doc at: Locked Out and you can order the DVD. The Free Press will play the movie at the Drexel in September. But more people will see it if it plays on WOSU.

WOSU has a history of refusing to play independent political or social justice doumentaries.

Call Stacia Hentz at WOSU - (614 292-9678) and demand that the documentary air on WOSU.