You may have heard the news. An opportunity to block President Bush's drive to take away overtime pay from millions of Americans has just come up. Before the end of July we need to tell Congress to block the Bush overtime cuts.  We lost the vote in the U.S. House on this last Thursday but we have another chance when the Senate considers an effort to block Bush's overtime cuts. More than 8 million people are slated to LOSE THEIR OVERTIME PAY in the coming months.  

Here is what is needed in the next couple of weeks:  

First, please click on the link below to SEND AN E-MAIL TO your Senators and Representative with a copy to President Bush. Tell them to act to repeal the Bush overtime take away.

Second, E-MAIL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CO-WORKERS and ask them to get involved and help stop these pay cuts. Click on the link below to send them a message.

Or, cut and paste the following link into your own e-mail message: (This might make it easier to send the link and a message to lots of people in your e-mail address book.)  

Overtime pay cuts being pushed by the Bush administration are slated to go into effect for millions of workers as soon as September of this year. These changes would erode the 40-hour workweek and mean that if you receive overtime pay now, you might not in the future.  

Overtime pay makes up about one-fourth of the average weekly earnings of workers who receive it. That is an average pay cut of $161 a week and can add up to thousands of dollars a year. Can you imagine the government cutting the pay of a firefighter by thousands of dollars per year? How much would you lose? These overtime pay cuts are like a giant new tax on working families by a president who, at the same time, works hard to give tax breaks to millionaires.    

With a failing economy, millions out of work and staggering health care and prescription drug costs, this is a burden America's workers should NOT have to bear. The overtime rules protect workers from bosses who would impose unbearably long hours if they didn't have to pay extra for overtime work. Many workers would have less predictable work schedules because of the increased demand for overtime work.  

What's At Stake:

We know these overtime cuts will impact millions of people. Here are some of the problems with the Bush overtime changes:

People with training or education that helps them do their jobs, including military training, skills training, medical training, law enforcement training, fire rescue training and more, could be automatically excluded from getting overtime.  

The Bush administration will change the rules that determine who is and isn't an overtime-ineligible supervisor and cut overtime for millions. People who make $22,100 could more easily be classified by the Department of Labor as executives and lose all of their overtime pay. An executive who makes $22,100?

Not a single public hearing on this issue has been held or even scheduled by the Bush administration. The public has been able to comment only through our outreach and your activism.

These are just some of the outrageous changes that could go into effect unless we stop them.

Campaign Expiration Date: December 15, 2003