The Endangered Species Act is one of America’s most important and effective environmental laws. Large-scale developers and other powerful industry players are using their money and influence to try to undermine the act. Last September, the House of Representatives passed a destructive bill (H.R. 3824) that would severely weaken protections for imperiled wildlife. Now, the fight over the fate of this law is moving to the Senate. Urge your senators to vote NO on any legislation that would weaken the Endangered Species Act.

March 24, 2006

Your U.S. senators

I strongly support the Endangered Species Act and urge you to vote NO on any legislation that would weaken this landmark law.

The Endangered Species Act has provided a crucial safety net for wildlife, fish and plants on the brink of extinction for more than three decades. The act has helped prevent the extinction of almost every listed species, including the bald eagle, the gray wolf, the grizzly bear and the Pacific salmon. Ninety-eight percent of the species protected under the act still exist today, and many are stable or improving.

Despite the overwhelming success of the Endangered Species Act, the House of Representatives has passed a destructive bill (H.R. 3824), sponsored by Representative Pombo of California, that would severely weaken this important law. Now, the Senate is about to consider similar legislation. As you know, any bill passed by the Senate would have to be reconciled with Representative Pombo's bill in order to become law.

For the sake of future generations, we must fulfill our responsibility to protect the earth’s most vulnerable species. No species should be lost on our watch. I urge you to help defend the Endangered Species Act by voting NO on any legislation that would undermine this important law.

Dear Senator,

Sincerely, Your Name

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