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First thank you to the many of you who wrote to us about the annual report
(and many who decided to donate or contacted us about helping in other
ways). Many in the world were surprised that we do such great environmental
work in very difficult circumstances to say the least (plus the genocide in
Gaza). But we Palestinians are resilient, we do resist oppression on the
one hand and build for a better future on the other (even when Zionists
keep destroying). We have and cherish our life. For those who did not have
a chance, please do read this and do contact us:

Many people in the west were surprised at events and news. This week I
highlight eleven:

1) That there is an American base in Northern Jordan and that sadly 3 black
soldiers were killed (usually the rich get richer and the poor poorer or
killed). But the US has over 1400 bases in 80 countries to control and
subjugate and act against the will of people in those countries. While
spending hundreds of billions annually on this military and enriching <1%
of ts people, infrastructure and education and healthcare in the US suffers
and the 99% suffer. The US then bombed (illegally) many targets in Yemen,
Syria and Iraq in supposed "retaliation" (but really to sustain the
genocide ongoing against the Palestinians.

2)  That 1.5 million of its 2.3 million people are now squeezed into the
area around Rafah which is <15% (about 50 square kilometers) of the
enclave. Famine and death is everywhere.

3) That the Israeli leadership is losing the war against resistance
fighters 120 days/4 months after 7 October and the onslaught in Gaza, the
resistance fighters are winning against tanks, airplanes, navy ships etc.
All Israel can do is destroy more civilians and civilian infrastructure
with US weapons and US cover.

4) That genocide and mass graves are allowed to continue for months and
ethnic cleansing for decades as if we humans learn nothing from history.
Some of us who are awake watch videos like this and are stunned by the

5) Yemen while bombed illegally by the US and the UK continues to defend
itself and abide by its obligation to do something to stop the genocide of

6) Dozens of US cities passed resolutions in support of cease fire (the
Zionist lobby having spent millions is losing in its strongest hold the US.
Here is Chicago just after San Francisco

7) Within a week of of the ICJ ruling, not only did the axis of evil led by
the US/UK/Israel shut off funding to UN refugee and work agency and started
threatening other agencies like the Red Cross and Red Crescent to
exacerbate the genocide but continue to do (or fund and arm) the genocide.
and And after the ICJ ruling bodies of ‘torture victims’ found at Gaza
school. The killing of dozens of people whose bodies were found at a Gaza
school was a clear war crime, according to a Palestinian human rights
lawyer who spoke to Al Jazeera.

8) The US government placed mild sanctions on 4 colonial settlers
terrorizing Palestinians and asked Israel to look into its own army
violations of human rights in the West Bank. And the UK government says it
is considering recognizing a "Palestinian state". These hypocritical and
cynical statements intended for public relations are not working anymore.
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis engaged in racist attacks against
Palestinians before 7 Oct 2023. Recognition of a Palestinian state could
have been done in 1948, 1967, 1988, 1993 etc. But more important
implementing peace could have been done based on human rights and equality
any day in the past 76 years by simply stopping the support of the
apartheid genocidal regime (the Israeli regime cannot maintain its
colonization and oppression one day without that western support)

9) That social media is 95% supportive of Palestine/human rights while
corporate mainstream media (CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters, FoxNews, New York times
etc) is 95% supportive of genocide.  See how mainstream media kills the
and Western coverage of Gaza: A textbook case of coloniser’s journalism
Some western media under pressure (which must be increased) are starting to
do some marginal stories, e.g. CNN CATCHES IDF Cemetery Atrocity Lie
But they are still not coming close to telling the truth about the
resistance, what happened 7 October etc (see and links therein
of sites where you can get real information)

10) that free speech in supposedly democratic Western Countries does not
exist when it comes to Palestine. Someone once quipped tat if you want to
know who really has control in any country, watch who you cannot criticize.
You cannot criticize Zionism (the racist idea of a Jewish state created by
ethnic cleansing of indigenous people). Here is just one of millions of
examples: How Power Creates and Entrenches Health Inequities

11) that colonial regimes lie incessantly. See item #9 and

I do not know why the surprises. What is happening here in Palestine has a
cause and has effects that are easily predictable. You find one of my
lectures where I explain this
and ere are links to cause and effect:

(Netanyahu long before this genocidal action)

see this visual impact of numbers from the UN
Then view some of these videos for personal impact

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A Bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
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