Republicans and Democrats....two hands to one head
There is no republic and democracy's dead
Conspirarchy. Duopoly. Together in bed.
Your fake choice is no voice when choice is spoonfed
But that's polartics.
Republicans and Democrats....two hands in one till
There is no more cold war...just icy chill
Fewer but newer. Shock and awe. Kill.
And borrow from China to pay on the bill.
Yeah that's polartics.
Republicans and Democrats..two hands on one clicker
Control the remote, you control the stock ticker
Keep them confounded with fast food and liquor
The head becomes sicker, the hands even quicker
In polartics.
Polartics as usual. As ESPN.
Polartics in rabidbites from angry old men
Polartics to split us kids on two sides of the gym
And kill em all in Murder Ball till its just you and him
Republicans and Democrats...two puppets one trigger
Troops, dupes and front groups for something that's much bigger
Too divided, diverted, deluded to figger
This tagteam warmachine electoral rigger
That's polartics.