That was nuthin': In 2000, the Palast investigations team uncovered the purge of 58,000 legal Florida voters, most of them African-Americans, by Katherine Harris.

In 2004, we uncovered the "caging lists" which 're-elected' George Bush.

That was nuthin' too ... compared to the theft of 2012 that is now in the making.

Major TV and print outlets are finally recognizing that the Palast team has the expertise, the cojones and the nose to sniff out mass vote bending.

We are planning our strategy right now for the hard-core, dig deep, multi-state research that we need to get the details, the documents and the proof of the fix of 2012.

So, for the first time in this entire year, I am asking—frankly, I'm pleading—for your financial support to get this investigation going right now.

First, I'm looking for 24 donors to commit to provide $2,000 each, at minimum, to launch the Missing Ballot Investigation. It's tax deductible, it's non-partisan, it's hard-core journalism, "so relevant it threatens to alter history," says the Chicago Tribune. Donate and I'll proudly list you as a producer of our Election year prime-time broadcast.

And I am counting on 200 generous souls to donate at least $150. You'll receive a signed hardbound copy of my new book, Vultures' Picnic, which will be sent to you the week of its release on November 15. In the meantime, I'll send you 5 signed copies of Steal Back Your Vote, the world's first investigative comic book, co-authored by Bobby Kennedy with full color ink work of genius cartoonists Ted Rall and Lloyd Dangle.

Our work for BBC TV and the Guardian, once ignored by the US media, is now in demand. Unfortunately, "in demand" doesn't mean "in the money." PBS, The Washington Post, ABC-TV, The New York Times, LA Times are all taking our research, our film, our evidence ...but they don't pay for it. Well, we're not going to complain ... and we're not going to stop working.

We already have hot, hot leads... What's planned for voters, especially voters of color is sick, is slick ... But we're on to them. My co-author for my 2008 Rolling Stone exposé, Bobby Kennedy and I figured 6 million votes and voters were "disappeared" in 2008. The 2012 race will get uglier.

Our other work continues. Our Arctic to Amazon investigation took us on a hunt inside the dark blood vessels of Big Oil in FIVE continents. We have the exclusive discoveries on the real cause of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, on the coming disaster in the Arctic and out NEXT oil war ... in Central Asia. Our work is splashing all over the major media in Europe, and we will soon release it in the USA. But the cost of the investigation has left us totally busted.

And that's the truth. Our work on elections has been lauded by the US Civil Rights Commission, by Senators Kerry and the late Ted Kennedy...and Katherine Harris, who calls me "twisted and maniacal" - I'll take that as a compliment. But that don't pay the phone bill.

We rarely send requests for your donation—only when the need is real and the effort supremely difficult and important.

You can't count the votes unless you find the ballots... And the voters who've gone "missing" from the voter roles. Our work created the entire journalistic field of elections investigations ... But the more tricks we uncover, the trickier they get.

This is not about electing a candidate, it's about the soul of our democracy. Jim Crow elections are still with us ... But now they've gone to cyberspace.

Help us hunt down the missing ballots. Make a donation RIGHT NOW. It's your vote for democracy.

The Palast Investigative Fund has been a supremely successful experiment in citizen supported journalism. I can't thank you enough.

And if you've got something hot for me — a document, a lead...go to and we'll get on it.

This is Greg Palast reporting ... for you.


Greg Palast is a Nation/Puffin Foundation Fellow for Investigative Reporting and recipient of the George Orwell Courage in Journalism Prize for his BBC broadcast 'Bush Family Fortunes.'