No. But there is a serious problem of terrorism through out the world. The administration calls it a “war on terror” to give themselves  war powers, including impingement on our civil rights by the uncontrolled interception of our communications. They are now calling the fighting in Iraq part of the “war on terror“. It was a preemptive, needless and immoral invasion and now occupation. It has made terrorism worse. Any thing that abuses the Muslims or others, or when the U. S. bullies or treats any country unfairly, it increases the risk of terror. Al Qaeda was not in Iraq before the invasion, but it is one of their principle sites of operation now. Money for the prevention of terror should be spent wisely and should not be allocated as earmarks (pork). What is probability that there will be a terrorist attacking in Montana?

Albert A. Gabel
Professor  Emeritus
Ohio State University