It is time that the Karl Roves and Dick Cheneys take their place on center stage of the Bush puppeteer and puppet show. Bush is the puppet. Jumping and frilling about in the stick while the brains of Roves and Cheney’s are during the day-to-day planning!

Rove-Cheney-Bush a year or so ago decided essentially that, “We are an Empire now through ‘The New World Order,’ Therefore, when we speak and act we create our own ‘Reality’ a reality that is based in crisis, fear, misinformation, confusion, promotion of mass ignorance, and mass need to be saved from these images of our manufactured crisis. Fear and crisis themes evoke emotional leverage and facilitate easy mass control. Creating this New Reality is really God like; therefore, we can then carefully claim our image of God like. This brings ‘Religious Initiative’ the thinking public will be left a ‘study’ what we do, therefore, they can only react after we have finished and are safe!”

Bush avoids critical thought, preferring to surround himself with men who read and plan the complexities of justice, culture, economics, and foreign policy of the “New World Order.” This leaves Bush to apply the propagandistic slogans that keeps the public feed and moving. Bush, his “howdy dowdy” ears flapping in the political wind churns out buzz phrases with the best of them. His "Compassionate Conservatism" always holds his “Beliefs” in place while he reads the underlying Roves and Cheneys messages-“Social Security” is in crisis!’ Bush is the head of his factious "\army of “Compassionate Conservatives" He has becomes the "reformer with results" and embraces the "value and culture of life." He shouted these paeans to "liberty" and "freedom" a combined 27 times during the State of the Union Speech, (according The Washington Post).

This is slogan chanting and only one small part of an elaborate and effective propaganda campaign. The best way to keep the public stupid is to play on the emotional stimuli of the left side of the brain. Thus the public is paralyzed and removed from thinking and reasoning which is a right brain function that requires much more energy and leads to conclusions that people would not like to accept-that of the possibility that they are being played for a fool by their leaders. No person feels good about getting pimped especially by their President! Successful propagandists must also discourage dissenters who might disrupt the party line (Sinclair, The Re-pimp-licans are back in office, The Westside Gazette Newspaper, January 27-Feruary 2, 2005). Two best ways to keep people stupid and nodding is by shutting down the information flow and by stiffing and providing “payola” to the press. At these chores, Cheney-Rove-Bush excels

The Press was locked in by the process of “embedding with the military in Iraq and lock out and by the use of “Payola” to individual columnist and media personalities such as Armstrong Williams and finally punishment as seen in the case of Dan Rather of CBS. (Michael McManuwa was the Third columnist caught with hand in the Bush till, conservative author of the syndicated column "Ethics & Religion," received $10,000 to promote a marriage initiative. January, 2005).

If there were a good side to the information assault it would have to be that a few reporters find themselves sweetly spun by Bush “head patters.” The Rove-Cheney-Bush administration is doing the press a great favor by forcing them to be stronger investigative Journalist. This has also created a new media in that the World Wide Web has become the preferred news vehicle of many more writers, who would have never been heard from before

True to the scare and crisis tactic Rove-Cheney- Bush started by using 911 to propagate the idea that we're all at risk of violent death at any moment and at any place, (using the chicken little scenario) and we must all do everything we can to secure our borders, ports, parks, and miniature golf courses,” The scare here was followed by the crisis of The War against “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” The crisis of the succession of natural disasters of hurricanes, tsunami, floods, etc. And now “The Crisis of Social Security!” There is no Social Security CRISIS. There is a long term Social Security problem that can be easily solved without new individual investment privatization additions.