While George W. Bush tries to panic Americans by predicting a Social Security crisis in 2048, the Green Party of the United States reminds the country that we’re sitting on a “time bomb” just ten years down the road with global warming.

Green Party leaders are pointing to the recent study by the International Climate Change Task Force. The report, which is posted at the web site of the Center for American Progress JRJ8OVF&b=306503, warns that global warming may reach a ‘point of no return’ in ten years when the global average temperature moves beyond 2¡C (3.6¡F) above the pre-industrial level, with severe environmental, food supply, and public health consequences around the world.

The Task Force was convened by the Institute for Public Policy Research in the U.K., the Center for American Progress in the U.S., and the Australia Institute. The report makes ten recommendations for G8 nations to take the lead on curbing global warming.

“The greatest barrier to enacting these steps in the U.S. is the reluctance of public officials to step on the toes of industry, especially energy corporations,” said Jake Schneider, treasurer of the Green Party of the United States. “The Bush Administration has drafted energy policy in secret consultation with corporate lobbyists. Many Democrats have supported increased oil drilling in pristine public lands in Alaska, outside of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and construction of new pipelines through Canada to the U.S., and increased drilling throughout North America. What we really need is a conversion from our dependence on fossil fuels.”

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