Progressives and Blacks are missing the use of the foundational tool that made the success of the Civil Rights Movement of The late Dr. Martin Luther King!  The Traditional Media made the success of this movement. However, the fact that The Military and The Present Administration have commandeered the media and made it the Propaganda arm for a yet unofficionally declared war Blogs are the information vehicle.

Yes, the www has become just as powerful as the Traditional Media and it is free and available to any citizen possessing a Personal Computer. Yes, instead of having Sit-ins in the present day Civil Rights and Civil Liberties fight Americas have the “Blog-in” as its publicity tool.

For Blacks this places the burden on them for writing, a skill Blacks practice all too seldom. But Blacks must start now to Blog with great frequency. The FAMU School of Journalism should start these “Blog-ins” that can make the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties movement live!!