There are four types of ways to categorize murder: first degree, second degree, felony murder and manslaughter. First degree murders are crimes that are exceptional and premeditated. Second degree murder is the killing with malice and no respect for the law, but with no prior deliberation. Felony murder is an accidental death that occurs during the commission of a felony. Lastly there is manslaughter, which the taking of someone's life without previous planning. No matter how you label it, each of these acts are considered to be illegal and if committed, serious jail time is involved. The punishments may vary but none the less, murderers pay for the crime they commit.

Today in America things have changed. Killing people is the way to go now? We kill innocent people and get away with it? That's how the justice system works in America? Talk about the land of the free. George Zimmerman brutally shot and killed Trayvon Martin and got away with it. What does that say about our court and federal systems?

I can't speak for everyone but I can tell you how I feel, the court and federal systems are a joke! What's the point in having them if they work against us? Aren't they supposed to protect us and plant the bad guys in jail? Aren't they supposed to give us the stability that we're safe from people like Zimmerman? Should I really have to worry about my safety when walking home?

They say Zimmerman shot Trayvon out of self-defense. What possible reason does a grown man have to kill a young boy? Please explain that to me, tell me how that seems fair or even logical. We live in a scary world now. People have fears with living in the same area with rapist, serial killers, thieves, terrorist and so much more. We need that feeling of security when it comes to these problems.

How can we feel safe if men like Zimmerman get off on cold blooded murder? Regardless if he claims "self-defense," he deserves jail time. Zimmerman committed second-degree murder and is a free man? Zimmerman knew what he was doing! He chose to get out of his vehicle, he made the choice to follow Trayvon, he failed to listen to the police and he shot an innocent kid. All for what, a pack of Skittles and tea? What kind of image are we portraying to the younger generation? People can get away with murder and no type of punishment will follow? All that will lead to is people killing each other and claiming it was self-defense. Will the law really let that happen? Has the need for justice really disappeared? Do I need to live in fear when it comes to walking in my neighborhood?

What was the purpose of letting Zimmerman free? He killed a human being! Yet Michael Vick killed a dog and received jail time. Are you telling me a dog's life is more important than a human life? Is that the era we live in now?

Whether race played a factor in the shooting, Trayvon deserves justice. No man should go free for murder. It really saddens me this is how America is working. My country is failing and it needs to stop and get back on the right track.