Wasington Post writer Howard Kurtz says, "But in the bluest of blue-state precincts, it's hard to tell which emotion is stronger: disgust with Dubya or anger at the American public for failing to share their outrage."

I am outraged. I know, because I hear from my readers that there are many more people who are outraged with the lying in the Whitehouse. It's a full-fledged, sloppy, incompetent cover-up and it's only a matter of time before the liars get their due comeuppance. One thing we know is that the CIA told the White house not to use the Nigerian Uranium claims of nuclear threat months before the State of the Union address. Condoleeza Rice already knew. You don't blame someone for not telling you twice.

      It can be a noble gesture, sacrificing yourself for the team. CIA director Tenet may be a stand up guy for falling on the sword for our lying president, but he doesn't deserve our esteem for covering up for a team that cheats and lies. He already told the president's people that they shouldn't use the Nigerian story. They went ahead and used it anyway. They gambled that they'd come up with something, anything that would cover their butts. Sorry team, the gamble failed. Now, even if some weapons of mass destruction are found that still doesn't cover the cascade of lies that erupted from all over the Bush administration.

      The good news is, the longer the Republicans avoid facing the lies, avoid dealing straight on with the fact that Bush's and Cheney's and Powell's and Rice's and Wolfowitz's and Perle's lies mislead the congress into passing the legislation allowing Bush to go to war, the more the American public will see that the unified "team" is a corrupt one. It's a corrupt team that cheats and lies.

      The Post's Kurtz quotes Wall Street Journal Writer Al Hunt, who says, "The phony Iraq-Niger deal may be the smoking gun in what was a pervasive pattern of exaggeration and distortion to justify the war against the Iraqi dictator. Some of these claims -- the alleged Baghdad-al Qaeda ties, the extent of his biological and chemical weapons or even his nuclear designs -- reflected selective use of conflicting intelligence.

      "The false Niger connection was much more. Yet Congress, under pressure from the White House, is abdicating its responsibility to investigate why the public was misled on such a momentous matter. . . .

      "If Bill Clinton could be impeached for lying about sex, or Al Gore discredited for exaggerating his relationship with James Lee Witt, then lying about the reasons for going to war -- whether it was the president or one of his subordinates -- ought to command an inquiry from the people's representatives."

      Kurtz points out and many on the left exasperatedly agree that if Clinton been the perpetrator instead of Bush, the congressional right would be howling shrilly for his head. Instead, they silently allow the pathetic parade of excuses the Whitehouse has brought forward. How long before Bush blames his dog for eating the note from the CIA telling him that the allegations were bogus?

      It's time to start the impeachment momentum. We need to impeach Cheney first. We learned the lesson from Nixon Agnew. What's the point of getting rid of Bush if Cheney takes his place, since Cheney is far worse than Bush. He's the man pulling the dummy's strings. There's ample evidence that Cheney knew and Cheney lied. Hell, Condoleeza and Rummy will probably be happy to bush, oops, that was a genuine typo. Make that push  Dickie to the head of the falling on a sword line.

      Agnew was a corrupt vice president and once confronted, he went quietly, leaving little as a legacy except his famous phrase "nattering nabobs" referring to the press. it was good riddance to him and it cleared the way for Nixon to reach a point where he could no longer hide behind lies-- his lies and the lies of his sleazy cronies.

      Bush is now in the same boat. Nixon left and the speaker of the house, Gerald Ford became president. I'd take Dennis Hastert over Bush in a moment.

      It will take an outcry from the public. If you wrote to your congressman or senator to protest the war, it's time to write again to demand at least an investigation. If you protested against the war before, it's time to protest now against the lies that led us to war. The majority of Americans are not following this story. One poll suggests that over 60% of the population doesn't know about it. Get the word out.  

      Rob Kall  is publisher of progressive news and opinion website and organizer of cutting edge meetings , such as the Winter Brain Meeting and the StoryCon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story, that bring together world leaders in varying fields. He has also been co-developer of several software programs, and inventor of one of the most widely selling biofeedback devices. This article is copyright by Rob Kall, but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media so long as this credit is attached.