These 10+ TruthDig interviews in the link below are promising sources of information to enlighten (and frighten) viewers into awareness (and activism) concerning the devastating implications of the near-total multinational corporate take-over of the US economy, the environment, the government, the two major political parties, the federal courts, the Oval Office, the Pentagon, the entertainment industry, the food industry, the amusement industry, the major media, the people’s wilderness, the people’s water, the people’s air, the people’s mineral resources, etc.

 The #1-rate interview is the one with Oliver Stone. #10 is comedian/social commentator Jimmy Dore, and in between are interviews with a CIA whistle-blower, a NSA whistle-blower, a Green Party candidate, a Code Pink founder, the Young Turks, and a native American Dakota Pipeline resister.

Each one of these courageous, democracy-loving, truly patriotic TruthDig interviewees are on the unofficial black-list of “enemies of the corporate state” in Trump’s, Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, Reagan’s worlds. Note that none of them are invited to present their honest views on the MSM, PBS, NPR, MPR, WPR and even DemocracyNow!.

 The fact that the true patriots can still express their views on alternative media (only accessed by a tiny minority of media consumers), is a major reason for the corporate-controlled FCC assault on Net Neutality, which will give powerful sociopathic corporate entities the legal mechanisms to further silence or marginalize them.

 These interviews need to be watched by anybody that still has a conscience and even a glimmer of a desire to change things for the better. Instead of binge-watching the multitude of mind-numbing, irrelevant, corporate-approved news-programming, Hollywood productions or professional sports or MSM-approved reviews of 2017, please access these interviews – and then subscribe to TruthDig.

 Here is the link to the interviews.