Some have asked me about Fred Phelps impending visit to Granville:

1. On April 27, the hate promoting GodHatesFags website owner Fred Phelps is coming to picket in Granville at several churches. The incident which triggered him to visit Granville is a Granville High School Junior who started a Gay Alliance at his school. When Fred finds out about God's Promise MCC, which meets in the First Baptist Church, he will undoubtedly picket here also. We are asking people not to counter picket and not to engage him in any way--he loves to start law suits with people who challenge him. Instead we're asking everyone to join us in a celebratory service at our usual service time of 3 pm. We will be affirming God's love for all people--even our enemies. First Baptist is on the corner of Main and W. Broadway in downtown Granville (30 miles east of Columbus).

We are taking pledges to support the Licking County AIDS Task Force for each minute that Fred pickets outside our church. Please send your commitment per minute--for example 50 cents per minute--to this email address. I'll send you the Task Force's address after we tally his minutes. This Task Force serves Licking County, several nearby counties, and even eastern Franklin County.

2. On June 14 & 15, right after the Shepherd Initiative's Amazing Grace Conference on Sat . June 14, we are co-sponsoring another conference--called the BIG BIG TABLE, on reconciling Christians of ALL sexual orientations. It will meet in two downtown Columbus churches. It starts with supper on Saturday night and continues all day Sunday, ending with a communion service. A featured speaker is Dr. Rembert Truluck, former Southern Baptist minister, teacher, and Sunday School lesson writer, and author. His very popular website and book are called, "Recovery from Bible Abuse." There are other authors , experts, and educators on scripture and Christian views on homosexuality.

Building community and talking with people who disagree with us are two more topics that will be discussed. We will have social events and support groups for singles, couples, and those needing healing from spiritual abuse. A panel of African Americans will share their stories of coming to accept glbt people into their church groups. The cost is only $20, if postmarked by May 15, and includes three meals. Volunteers are encouraged to apply.

Check our Website for more info: or email Marj Creech at phone 740-924-5083