Two men holding sign reading Raise the MInimum wage by amending the city charter

Today’s Columbus Dispatch reported that Ashley Wnek, the Republican candidate for the Unexpired Term Race for Columbus City Council will  not be actively campaigning and has “ no intention to campaign” according to Brad Sinnott chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party. If the FCDP does not find a candidate within the next 86 days, the contest for the Unexpired Term this November will result in a two-way race between Shannon Hardin and Write-In Independent candidate Joe Motil.

The voters of Columbus and particularly the north end and central city neighborhoods are very familiar with the “Motil” name from his past election runs for Columbus City Council & State Representative. Motil states, “I have fought side by side for the past 30 years along with my neighbors and concerned citizens across the City of Columbus for fairness & equality. Throughout my campaign I will demonstrate obvious and compelling reasons why I am the candidate that will help lead this city by displaying the political willpower, leadership and independent wisdom that is required at such a critical time. My campaign will focus on bringing promise, opportunity and hope to the citizens of Columbus”.

Motil’s focus is on establishing a minimum wage of $11.00 per hour for the working poor of Columbus while helping to eliminate poverty, implementing policies & technology to promote a more open democracy in city government, support the creation of a civilian review board & body cameras, and expand on community policing efforts, bring stakeholders together to launch a Regional Public Drug Rehab & Detox Center at Mt. Carmel West Hospital and  provide job opportunities for minorities and residents in areas especially where tax abatements are granted.

As the “senior candidate” for the City Council races, Motil will expand on these issues and more. Motil concludes, “I look forward to debating Mr. Hardin on the issues that matter most to the citizens of Columbus”.