Trump’s hateful rhetoric and threats of violence were not just political “oral-gami”.

Donald Trump is a man of many words. All of them no more than a few syllables. I know he speaks the English language, one word after another. But does he have to speak it so poorly? 

The blood that runs through my brains has a rich DNA past with tributaries in many European and far flung places. I dip my verbal oars into the wondrousness of words as I try to decipher exactly what Trump is trying to say, for better or for verse.  Just listen as he murders the spoken word and insidiously replaces it with sewer talk. Filling our brains with farce words, farce thoughts, farce gobbledegook.  Is he just trying to butcher our brains? Yes conclusively, can we blame the entire decline and fall of the American Empire on Donald Judas Trump.

Listen up:  Former President Donald Trump shared a menacing new video on his Truth Social account in which he promises to “do things that have never been done before” to people who “f*** around with us.”

I ask you is Trump singlehandily  mounting a conspiracy = a plot to undermine the entire English language?

Donald Trump’ has a sewer mouth and speaks in codes that his followers anxiously await. Words are his not-so-secret weapons. And to his fascist followers, his words could be weapons of woe for others. His words are weapons that open up the floodgates of hell for all of us non-Trumpers.

Trump’s hateful rhetoric and threats of violence were not just political “oral-gami”. These are  planned and folded words that have all too real consequences in the real world. Because of his words, a series of explosive devices were delivered to prominent liberals and Trump critics, including Jack Smith, Merrick Garland, George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, former CIA director John Brennan, CNN, former Attorney General Eric Holder and Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. And because of his words and slit slop mind, he registered the address on his filth-and-obscenity packed Truth Social that registered the address of former President Barack Obama. Reading the siren call, one of his dildo-brained admirers picked up his two guns, 400 rounds of ammunition and drove to the former President’s house with 2 guns in his hand  and four hundred rounds of ammunition plus the right trigger fingers ready to take action. Thankfully, the FBI stepped in and arrested his ass. Now, is it a coincidence that Obama chef, an avid swimmer, recently drowned?

Because of  Trump’s words, his rallies are gladiator arenas of fear for nearby and far journalists. Because of his words Jews were massacred in Pittsburgh. Because of his words, every Mexican, Muslim, Jewish and black mother fear for their child’s safety. Because of his words, predominantly black nations such as Haiti and Nigeria were nicknamed shitholes by the former hater-in-chief.

And, as always Donald Trump is unapologetic and enthusiastic in his embrace of hateful and divisive language.

Why should we learn to speak when everything can be expressed in foul clichés? But wait! I have a plan that will return us to the rapture of words and make prose again the vibrator of consciousness.  In my dream scenario, Trump will be forced to utter the word pneumonoultranicrospicsillcovoleoonicas one hundred times. And in my dream scenario, he chokes on the word.

It is ludicrous for him to now pretend he bears no responsibility for these apparent attacks — although of course he does exactly that.


P.S> This is my first axe-rated article about D Judas Trump.