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Disease, poverty, and hunger encircle the globe. Even U.S. citizens (we are special, aren't we?) are marked as chattel for the corporate monster consuming lives like a meat grinder on steroids.

Ten companies dominate the market in food production and other companies consolidate without anti-trust enforcement, kowtowing to their hedge fund managers and vulture capitalists pushing for politically "nuanced" gains wherever they can grab them. 

Some are denying science, threatening lives and property of private citizens for oil and fracking rights. (see PA/OH/AUS). The call came down, drill baby drill, while they only wanted to make America free from oil imports. It now has become a huge profit-making export market forcing pipelines through private property by eminent domain as a "public utility."

One of the other fallouts of fracking is that it produces radioactive brine, otherwise know as "produced water." This has been tested to contain all sorts of highly radioactive elements of both long- and short-term half lives which is then used in some localities for de-icing roads and dust control.
Julie Weatherington-Rice, PhD Soil Science, Public Forum 11/12/13

Fracking is like squeezing "water" from a rock having limted economic life expectancy. Vast loans were taken out to increase production In the Utica and Marcellus shale areas and the Balkan Oil fields in North Dakota. All these markets are taking a hit and the transition fuel dream resolves to a nightmare.

So now the current Republican administration in the White House is blocking shipments of direly need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other anti-COVID-19 resources. Blocking deliveries both domestically and internationally as if their agenda is to stop "liberalism."

Cries of anti-communism from the right-wing "selected" not-elected dictators in Brazil, U.S., Ecuador and other contries, spouted for lack of knowledge of alternatives to rife exploitive capitalism, is a fate worse than any for individualism, the environment and social consciousness.

The United States does not own the planet, it cannot control everything (see Full Spectrum Dominance PNAC). It is a fools errand to think it would succeed.

Monsanto/Bayer plays a critical role in the future of this planet. It is selling the hoax elixir of agriculture, the deadly chemical Glyphosate, and is capitalizing on monocultures, trying to force countries to purchase GMO crops uprooting traditional agriculture and heirloom crops. If Bayer does not change its business model, it will not survive.

Glyphosate is found in everything (as was "Scotch-Gard"). It's failure as a panacea for "weeds" has become a pandemic for human health. It mimics Glycine in human DNA and is incorporated in such as a free radical attachment, a biologic error begging for cancer.

Just in the Lake Erie area alone, one thousand tons of Glyphosate has been utilized in the watershed and the outcome has resulted in a massive algae outbreak. 

Around the world, the U.S. has been blockading anti-COVID-19 medical supplies to many countries not aligned to it's capitalistic greed agenda. Not only to countries but also to some of its own states - those governed by Democrats disliked by the President. 

CIA operations preclude many of these aforementioned policies in the spreading of the capitalist greed disease. A tool of an exploitive regime, utilizing private mercenaries to accomplish it's less than humane goals in the name of "freedom."