Dribbling, Droning, Cloning, Consumers!
Get a grip.
Put Down your Nintendo joysticks and step out of your vehicles.
I and I have arrived at a cusp.

The human species
dependence addiction
to consumables
is altering the global biosphere upon which 2 million species depend.

Thousands already,
Committed to extinction,
The light of their stars,
with blatant disregard.
I throw a flag on that foul.
This ain’t no game,
It might go by many names,
But it’s all suicide.

Foolish indeed
Our lust and our greed,
For disposability.
That desire is sold to us everyday in everyway,
Convenience is our culture.

Temptation of cheap transportation
Has HUMAN bounding across a sky that might look clear,
But I swear,
From here,
From here airplanes drop sound bombs on my ears every 15 minutes,
the numbing roar punctuates the low drone that is another rush hour.
My Peoples
Pounding out a combustible rhythm,
That is a constant reminder,
I live under the devil of petrotyranny.
A specter whose smile is slicker than crude oil dumped on my shores
Without penalty.

George W. Bush will stand up and lie
in your television,
But global warming is our reality, Our American responsibility.