my bike is my statement of purpose...
as i slide and i glide
one second from suicide
and the sound of screeching car tires
and busses
and shuttlebusses...

petrolium driven missiles
weapons of mass destruction
to lives of fast lives and bikinis
and arbitrarily expensive martinis..

i was taught to believe that i NEEDED TO BE TAUGHT.

by 'Copy-Right' and 'Pat-Pending'...
i discovered 'The Power of Lending'
and "Big Mac, Fillet-o-Fish, Quarter-Pounder, French Fries..."
in movies and publications
full of mental masturbation
25% 'meaning'...
75% ads...

is that the meaning of life?
as in 'i coulda..'
'i shoulda...'
'i woulda...'
done some-thing with my life?..

cause NOW is where i'm living
not 'Making THEIR Living"
selling away opportunities
when right NOW
my bike...
is my statement of purpose.