Yesterday police arrested one of the dairy workers documented maliciously torturing animals at Conklin Dairy Farms in Plain City, Ohio by an undercover Mercy For Animals investigator. Billy Gregg, Jr., 25, was taken into custody by the Union County Sheriff's Department and charged with 12 counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals.

MFA commends the City Prosecutor and law enforcement for their swift and decisive apprehension of Gregg, a violent individual who is extensively documented sadistically abusing newborn calves and cows.

Following the arrest, MFA conducted news conferences statewide and released the undercover footage of farm workers beating, stabbing, clubbing, and kicking cows and calves. Even the owner was caught on camera kicking a cow.

A media flurry erupted as the case crossed the nation on outlets such as CNN, ABC, Fox and the Los Angeles Times, and in scathing coverage on CBS affiliate WOIO in Cleveland. The case went on to receive worldwide coverage, including in the UK and Australia.

MFA's investigator documented Ohio dairy workers:

Violently punching young calves in the face, body slamming them to the ground, and pulling and throwing them by their ears
Routinely using pitchforks to! stab cows in the face, legs, and stomach
Kicking "downed" cows (those too injured to stand) in the face and neck
Maliciously beating restrained cows in the face with crowbars
Twisting cows' tails until the bones snapped
The deplorable conditions uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms highlight the reality that animal agriculture is incapable of self-regulation and that meaningful federal and state laws must be implemented and strengthened to prevent egregious cruelty to farmed animals.

Compassionate consumers can end their direct financial support of farmed animal abuse by rejecting dairy, and other animal products, and adopting a vegan diet.

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