As previously reported both the cases to challenge the legitimacy of the Presidential election and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Thomas J. Moyers's re-election were filed separatedly in the Ohio Supreme Court. Yesterday, December 23, 2004 attorneys for Plaintiffs successfully filed Motion to disqualify Justice Moyer from sitting as the Judge on the Moss v. Bush matter based on the fact that he has an apparently conflict of interest in that the election challenge of the Presidency potentially affects his race (and the suits are effectively collateral actions) The Ohio Code of Judicial ethics, Canon 3 specifically requires that any judge with any financial interest in the outcome of litigation recuse him or herself or be disqualified. (Similar Codes of Judicial ethics exist for virtually every Judicial office.)

 The efforts in Ohio are historic landmark legal efforts forging new legal ground. The team of  attorneys on Moss v. Bush are working literally round the clock. 

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