To send free faxes to your Senators and Representative, urging them to ensure that low-income parents receive a $400-per-child tax refund just like wealthier parents just click this link and then follow the instructions.

So here is the scene: A handful of Republican leaders from the House and Senate were holed up in a conference one weekend trying to hammer out the final details of the tax cut, but they've got a problem. They'd like to give more money to millionaires, but were bound by a pledge to cap the tax cuts at $350 billion.

Then suddenly, "Eureka! We can just amend it so that the poorest families don't get the new $400-per-child tax credit available to richer families. That will leave billions for deeper cuts in dividend and capital gains taxes." So, after a last-minute wording change the bill was quickly passed by both houses and signed by the President last week. What a disgrace. In the end, people earning over $1 million will bring home an average of $93,000 extra this year while a single mother of 2 struggling to make ends meet on $18,000/year will get no help.

These huge tax cuts are a bad idea, but what really galls me is thinking about that moment when somebody in Congress offered up this latest idea to take from the poor to give to the rich, and a majority said "sure." These are not the American values I was raised with.

A lot of us are making a stink, and this one could get turned around. To send your faxes urging your Senators and Representative to amend the Bush tax cut to include the children of low-income families, click on the link below.

Then please forward this to anyone else you think believes in basic fairness.


Ben Cohen
Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream*

* I am writing this email on my own and not on behalf of Ben & Jerry's, which is not associated with the TrueMajority campaign.

Here's the letter that we will fax to your representative:

Dear Representative:

Our government should stand for basic fairness and justice. That's why I do not understand why families earning between $10,000 and $26,000 per year would be excluded from receiving the $400-per-child tax refund that wealthier families will receive this summer just so millionaires can get bigger tax cuts.

As a constituent I ask you to please amend President Bush's unfair tax cut plan to include these poor families and their 12 million kids. To leave the tax cut as it is brings too much shame upon this great nation.

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